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About Us
We offer a bespoke CNC routing service. We are happy to help you develop your projects and ideas. We offer a cutting service that goes from one offs to hundreds, and we specialise in creating moulds. We can adapt many artwork formats into suitable cutting paths.

Our router machine will cut up to 2440mm x 1220mm and has a gantry height of 190mm. We have a vast range of cutters in a variety of shapes.

We can cut a wide selection of sheet materials including: MDF, Chipboard, Plywood, Plastics, Acrylic, Polycarbonate, Perspex, Soft Wood, Hard Wood, Veneered Boards, Foam, Polystyrene, Valchromat, Specialist Materials e.g. Corian, Resins, Dibond and more
My name is Darrel, and I started this company in 2000, after selling my pub. I had previously worked as a self employed builder, and before that had an art shop and picture framing business.

I have always been interested in IT and when I saw what could be made with a CNC, I decided that is what I wanted to do. I like to be hands on, and I'm happy being a small business, I'm not interested in the stresses of being a larger company. If you call, fax or email, you will be directly in touch with me or my wife, Julie.

Julie helps me out with marketing, admin and book keeping.