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Scantech Scanner attached to CNC machine

39, Stoney Cross St,
Taylor Hill,
West Yorkshire,
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3D Scanning

Our 3D scanner is a 2 camera Scantec system, that uses a laser to collect point cloud data. This attaches to our CNC machine allowing a scannable area of 2440mm x 1220mm x 190mm deep. Or it can be mounted on its side to scan off the machine end in sections of 1220mm x 190mm, and a scanned depth of 200mm.

The output format is STL or ASC or VEC. These files can be large depending on detail and object size.

Please call us for more details.


Scanning small model of a horse

3D scanner set to scan small model horse

Completed scan of above

Completed scanned image of above horse in STL format

Small model cow carved into Ash

Small model cow, scanned, enlarged and carved into block of Ash.

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