cnc cutting, routing and shaping
Artistic design in clear acrylic for Royal College of Art

39, Stoney Cross St,
Taylor Hill,
West Yorkshire,
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Artwork CNC Carving

We also get work to do which has been designed by artists, one of these is Rupert. He designed a series of panels that he wanted carving in foil coated foam, from Kingspan. A razor sharp cutter is needed or the foil tears. The latest set has been made into a suspended ceiling, and was displayed in several exhibition events in London.

Just for interest, the first panel he designed is in the art museum in Manchester, which he wanted to take to London to exhibit, but they wouldn't let him use it without hefty insurance!

Foil backed foam carving on machine

Cutting ceiling panels.

Finished carved panels stacked in workshop

Completed panels stacked and referenced, ready for collection.

A completed carved roof section

Close up section of finished ceiling

Close up detail of completed roof

Corner detail of finished suspended ceiling.

Finished exhibition piece on display

The finished display as you enter the exhibition in London.