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Students Solid Works drawing 2004

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Formula Student - Moulds

I am proud to say I have been sponsoring the Formula Student team UCLan for over 4 years now, and have made the moulds/plugs for there car bodies. These young students are some of the next generation, top car designers. As part of there studies, they design, build and race a single seater prototype sports car against the top universities in the world, 'tough task'.

UCLan sheet stock

UCLan 2007 unfinished mould UCLan 2007 finished MR MDF plug

There are quite stringent guide lines they have to keep to, one is building costs. In the past we have achieved low cost by using MDF build up layers to forge a rough shape of the mould, this cuts down on material costs and reduces machining time, although it tends to give the designer a bigger work load. This helps them develop their understanding of manufacturing in the real world.

Here are just a few pictures.

UCLan 2004 mould

Formula UCLan 2004 team at Bruntingthorpe

Formula UCLan team 2005

Formula UCLan team 2006 Formula UCLan 2007 car at Silverstone