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Valchromat display stand for glass blocks

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Glass Blocks - Patterns

Well this is not about making the blocks themselves, but about making panels of glass blocks. Glass blocks are heavy and hard to lay, also they are not usually bonded, like say a house brick. This makes constructing a glass block wall a very skilled job. So the guys at Glass Block Technology needed a system to manufacture a glass block panel that was strong, flat and repeatable.

Close up of mould detail

This was achieved by making a mould that the blocks could be put in, then a reinforcing wire placed between the blocks, followed by a special compound poured in to fill the gaps. Although this sounds easy it is harder than is seems.

Firstly we had to find a material that would be tough enough, it needed to stay flat after 95% of it surface has been removed and had to stand up to knocking glass blocks in then after it sets working the mould off.

An 18 block mould on the machine (i.e. holds 2 rows of 9 glass blocks)

Next the cut out from the block needed precise machining as the blocks needed to be a tight fit, so the joint compound will not go onto the under side of the block when its on the vibrating table, and the desired finish is left on the underside.

A 55 glass block mould waiting for collection

These moulds have been used to make hundreds of panels and I believe they are still being used.