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Juno SS3 at Brands Hatch

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Taylor Hill,
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Juno Racing Car - Moulds and Parts

DTBS-cnc has been involved with Racing for quite some time now. Being a racing car fan, we were only to pleased to be involed with such a knowledgeable man as Ewan Baldry.

Aluminium Crash Box section Plywood SS3 car floor section recessed to remove weight Mould for break cooling

Ewan Baldry graduated from the University of Strathclyde as a Master of Mechanical Engineering and Aerodynamics, Ewan started his career as a graduate trainee with Rolls Royce/Bentley in 1996. He quickly moved on to join the GT racing department at TVR Sports Cars, where he worked as a chassis design engineer and an active member of the race team. From TVR Ewan moved to Williams F1 as a member of the design team. Despite the obvious attractions of Williams, Ewan decided, in late 1999, to pursue his greatest ambition - to design and build his own racing cars and established Juno Racing Ltd.

Mould for airbox inlet Mould for SS3 air inlet MR MDF mould

Ewan is now the Managing & Technical Director of his own company, Juno Racing, which has taken the prototype racing world by storm, winning many podium places. The order books are very healthy with cars going all over the world. In addition, Ewan still manages to find time to lecture at the University of Central Lancashire.

Splitter Mould Wheel Arch Mould

Shown above are a few of the parts and moulds we have made:

Juno are in the midst of building a new design to race in the Formula Ford races. If this does as well as the SS3 car, most drivers will only see the back end of the new car :)

Juno SS3 at Silverstone Juno TR220

Juno SS3 racing at Brands Hatch (spot our logo?)

A sneek preview of the Formula Ford
I will put some mould photos up when im allowed !